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Mega Projects Property Developers and Triple Net Investment Specialists and Property Entrepreneurs

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Overview – Property Entrepreneurs



We have been in the Real Estate business since 1993 and have been through various cycles of South African Real Estate market.


Our core businesses are Mega Projects, developments and investments in Triple Net Property properties.

We are developers of properties, communities and people.

While we develop properties – we always look at nurturing people and communities as well.

Hence, Maximum Group Holdings has a number of different Real Estate and property related companies, which include interests in:

– Industrial, Manufacturing and Agri Tech Mega Projects;

– Human settlements mega project developments;

– Renewable services and infrastructure;

– Managed renewable utilities;

– Triple net property developments and investments;
– Education and training



Mega Projects and NNN Property Developments and Investments – our core business


Our primary businesses encompass Mega Projects and NNN Triple Net property developments and investments which are based on a simple business model – bankable offtake upfront. Consisting of filling stations; retail; green managed renewable services; any property or development where a listed company or a Government department is the offtake. These mainly involve Triple AAA grade investments with guaranteed annuity income for a longer period of time.

We are involved in a number property investments and developments at any given time and of various sizes, for example, from a 5 house mini estate, to 3000sqm retail strip; filling stations; taking back and revitalizing hijacked buildings; or 22 000 units mixed use Mega Project with large solar farms and power generation.


As developers of properties and people – in each of our developments we always look at the best ways to make use of green and renewable technologies, education, job creation and empowerment.



Property Investments



Our property investments are all based on the same business model, but vary from vacant land and land development, mixed use buildings and filling stations.

our investments are set up to provide us with above average investments while collecting secure and hassle free passive income.

To date we are involved in various aspects of commercial Real Estate – land bankers, developers, brokers; JV partners; JV facilitators; rezoning of land and buildings and advisors, to name just few.


Property developments and investment – being our key focus – are variously considered. Either in our own capacity or with one of the partners, alternatively through syndication.

These may involve mixed use developments, off grid developments, building conversion or similar.

Our investment or development involvement differs and may include:
– Sourcing property investments or projects.
– Property investment facilitation.
– Advisory services.
– Market analysis.
– Highest and best use analysis.
– Scrutiny of due diligence information.
– Identifying target market.
– Applying reputable service providers.
– Mega Project Property developments.
– Assisting other Mega Projects property developers with related services and infrastructure.




Joint Venture Partners in Real Estate


Within our group, we offer specialized services to our peers – property developers and investors. We utilize standard marketing as well as innovative and technologically advanced marketing methods. As a result, we have built one of the largest databases consisting of thousands of qualified developers and investors.


This service complements our business as it provides us with constant flow of opportunities. It also provides us with valuable information about market conditions and sentiment.

With our partners, various joint venture involvements could be considered, some of which could include the following exclusive services:

– SAS Service – Source and Secure, designed and exclusively offered by us securing properties which are not on the market yet, on behalf of our partners.
– Maximum Syndication – property syndication through Maximum One.
– Maximum JV – facilitation of JV projects.
– Maximum Remote Investments – investments done and managed on behalf of our partners.
– Development and land banking facilitation.
– Real Estate Crowdfunding.





Mega Projects Developers Association of South Africa


Slaven is the founder of Mega Projects Developers Association of South Africa.


Mega Project is any project that yields 10 000 residential units or more, or in the case of non residential mega project – that has the value of over R5 Billion.


Slaven founded the association in order to assist and offer a platform to other fellow mega project developers to collaborate and work together.






Conscious Property Alchemy


Pioneering Real Estate


The love for technology, green and renewable energy has led us to create a number of innovative services that are right at the forefront of the property industry. Our own movement – “Conscious Property Alchemy” is a new way of thinking and doing business in real estate by leaving people, environment and the planet in a better state after the property investment or development has taken place.


Typical example of that would be African continent’s first “SkyFarm” – inner city farming – conversion of an existing dilapidated building into vertical farm. It is totally independent of the weather elements and will be producing fresh organic produce for the community 24/7/365. This project not only creates food but also permanent jobs, uplifts the area and educates the community.


Also Maximum Group’s Hybrid/Off-grid model is South Africa’s first all encompassing economically viable services model with attractive returns to investors.

It offers solutions that include solar and gas energy, biomass sewer treatment, water harvesting and treatment, fibre optics and advanced IT infrastructure and waste sorting, treatment and recycling.

Some of the solutions, in addition to the above, can also create up to 500 permanent jobs with in the renewable model of sewer treatment, aquaponics & crops and piggery production. The model not only provides for the developments and its and its residents carbon footprint reduction, but also alleviates the pressure on the local municipalities for providing services.


Our solution offerings include Urban Solar Farms, Water recycling and harvesting, Grey Water and affluent treatment, data and connectivity.

Our business model enables us to provide unique proposition for Urban Solar Farms – we will fund it and set it up without financial input funding necessary from Municipality or end users/offtakers.



The same business model can be applied to Water Treatment and Data and Connectivity.





Triple Net Investment Specialists and Developer

Putting into practice our group’s moto, principles of Conscious Property Alchemy, as well as our business model – “Bankable offtake upfront” is what it takes to create sustainable annuity generating properties with long leases.

These properties are specifically designed and developed to meet tenants’ needs. They could anything from filling stations, retail, land leases, industrial, aquaponics farming facilities, solar farms, digital platforms, ducting and cables in the ground, and so on.

Making projects bankable and unlocking bankability through properties is our specialty.


We achieve bankability by structuring the property deals in such way that investment’s full potential is unlocked and finance made possible.

We assist and co-operate with our various Joint Venture and strategic partners in order to unlock bankability and make the projects possible for them. Our partners are in different types of industries – ranging from construction and renewable services providers, to educational and digital platforms, metering and monitoring.

Long NNN Leases with Blue Chip Tenants, Listed companies or Government departments is securing annuity income for years to come.




Real Estate Crowdfunding .Co.Za


Africa’s first Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding platform


Group’s pride and joy – Commercial Real Estate crowdfunding platform – South Africa’s first Commercial and Property development platform offering investors and developers opportunity to invest and/or secure funding. RealEstateCrowdfundingDotCoza is an online platform enabling investors to participate in property investments previously only available to the high net worth individuals. Now smaller investors can own shares in lucrative property opportunities with smaller amounts of money than normally required.

Crowdfunding is a practice of funding a project or a venture by raising funds from a number of individuals, typically via the internet. The concept of crowdfunding, also known as collective fundraising has been done for a long time, e.g. in 1885 in the United States – funds were raised in this manner in order to put up the Statue of Liberty in New York City.


Crowdfunding opens the door for funding without banks and offers opportunities to individuals who previously were not able to participate in these lucrative investments due to the high level
of investment needed.

These in turn shall help create an investment mindset with far reaching effects. Investors can choose properties/developments of their choice knowing that their  investment is safe, sound and real.

We list qualified, sound opportunities and those which comply with our strict criteria. This  would include reviewing information like title deeds, municipal accounts, zoning, plans,  valuations, feasibility studies, financials, town planner and professional reports, etc.



About CEO and founder

Slaven Gajović

Born 1972 in Belgrade, capital city Serbia (and ex Yugoslavia), where in 1991 Slaven finished schooling and obtained a diploma in IT (qualified computer programmer) with distinction.


Thereafter, Slaven got a job at a paging company where, and within few months, was promoted to Pager Programming Department Manager. Due to the political situation in Serbia, he decided to emigrate and chose South Africa as the destination.


Slaven arrived in SA in 1992, and started pursuing a computer career. In 1993 he found an interest in the real estate and became involved with properties. The same year Slaven founded his own Real Estate company. Since then Slaven has expanded his interests into the property developments, various Real Estate investments, NNN investments, land development, land banking and property entrepreneurship.


Since starting in the business, Slaven concentrated on building a good name. Being open and honest – in conjunction with producing results – he earned an impeccable reputation. Today, Slaven is well known in the Property Development and Real Estate investment circles.
He enjoys a large network of professionals and Mega Project Developers colleagues with whom he collaborates on a number of projects and aspects thereof.


Today, Slaven is heading the group of companies – Maximum Group Holdings. The group has interests in Mega Projects and Real Estate developments, Renewable and Green Infrastructure, ICT and smart metering, monitoring and Telecoms.


Slaven’s own “Conscious Property Alchemy” business model and unique RDP development model known as “RDP 2.0 – connected societies” is at the forefront of the industry. Also, in order to stay on top in the property industry – he is continuously learning and striving to improve himself, companies, offering, as well as his personal life and businesses.


Slaven is the founder of Mega Projects Developers Association of South Africa.


He is also a known speaker at events on the subject of property and infrastructure developments, Mega Projects, Fintech, Proptech and Agritech.


Slaven is also involved with a number of community projects, with the aim of giving back to the community, thereby contributing towards better life and standard for everyone in the area.


His hobbies include playing lots of sports (Basketball, Gymming, Yoga and instructing of Krav Maga), reading and exploring new technologies, listening to blues and jazz as well as traveling.