Data Risk Management

Enhance your data risk management by gaining profound insights into your data across intricate enterprise infrastructure. Empower your teams to optimize e-discovery, privacy, data governance, digital forensics, and cybersecurity compliance operations.

About Maximum Data Risk Management

Enter the realm of empowered data governance with Maximum Data Risk Management, where our state-of-the-art suite of solutions equips your organization to tackle the intricate landscape of data risk management with confidence.

Experience unparalleled control over your organizational data, as our platform not only empowers you to effectively mitigate risks but also accelerates the investigative process, ensuring swift resolutions.

Trusted globally for safeguarding data integrity, we are committed to addressing today’s data challenges while proactively preparing for the evolving landscape of tomorrow.

Our holistic approach to data risk management encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions, seamlessly integrating automation, workflow optimization, and responsible AI technologies.

From ensuring privacy compliance to streamlining legal operations, from conducting digital forensics to orchestrating cybersecurity responses, our platform caters to every facet of data risk management with precision and efficiency.

Embrace a future-ready solution that not only provides invaluable insights but also grants you unprecedented control over your data landscape, empowering you to navigate the complexities of modern data governance with ease and confidence.


Maximum Data Risk Management offers comprehensive data governance, including AI-driven insights, seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure, and customizable workflows for efficient risk mitigation and compliance management.

Legal Hold

Maximum Data Risk Management seamlessly integrates with your organization’s data ecosystem, ensuring accurate scoping and execution of legal holds and custodian interviews. Preserve custodial and non-custodial data effortlessly with In-Place Preservation. Boost defensibility, save time, and increase internal transparency with automated features and insightful reporting.

Comprehensive Interview

With Maximum Data Risk Management, create tailored interview templates tailored to your organization and custodians. Automatic logging ensures transparency and defensibility, while the Interview Dashboard centralizes management for efficient oversight. The Custodian Interview Portal aids custodians in comprehending their obligations through clear, tracked communications.

In-Place Preservation

Maximum Data Risk Management’s In-Place Preservation halts deletion policies and prevents manual data deletion on native sources, reducing spoliation risks. Benefit from seamless integration with 50+ applications like Microsoft365 and Slack, simplifying identification and preservation of relevant data. Enhance defensibility with automatic logging and easy reporting. Empower legal teams to control preservation without IT dependence.

ECA, Processing & Collection

With Maximum Data Risk Management, mitigate downstream costs by avoiding over-collection. MRDM uniquely identifies responsive data pre-collection, saving resources on storage and review. Benefit from AI-driven insights for swift identification across custodians and datasets. Streamline the process with combined collection and processing, accelerating time-to-review.




E-Discovery Data Management

Maximum Data Risk Management seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure, enabling swift, cost-effective, and defensible fact-finding with MDRM E-Discovery Data Management.

Utilize AI-driven Early Case Assessment through Contextual Insights for efficient data identification. Benefit from single-instance storage and global labeling for enhanced efficiency and security. Conduct rapid and robust document review and production in-house or with external partners.


MDRM provides extensive AI and machine learning capabilities within our Data Risk Management platform, surpassing competitors. Contextual Insights swiftly uncovers contextual relationships between custodians and content pre- and post-collection. Smart Labeling guides reviewers by analyzing labeling decisions, identifying relevant unreviewed documents efficiently. Smart Summarization expedites document review with AI-generated summaries, aiding in relevance determination.

Employee Change Monitor

MDRM enhances efficiency and minimizes risk through effective organizational change management. With Employee Change Monitor, three outcomes can be facilitated individually or together. For instance, upon an employee under legal hold leaving the organization, tasks can be generated and assigned, system notifications sent, and automated system actions executed seamlessly, reducing manual effort.

Data Source Discovery

MDRM’s Data Source Discovery automatically identifies new application data, enabling e-discovery access and employee linkage without IT involvement. With a comprehensive data landscape overview, legal teams precisely scope litigation and compliance matters, preventing data oversight. Tailored for legal professionals, MDRM’s intuitive setup empowers them with MDRM Data Source Directory control. Ensure accurate and rapid scoping decisions for various legal processes. MDRM supports diverse IT infrastructures, including regional distributed architectures and cloud data sources.

Legal Project Management

MDRM enables the creation of repeatable, defensible workflows tailored to your team’s needs, whether in-house, with service providers, or law firms, ensuring optimal legal outcomes. Streamline operations with configurable templates or custom workflows. Enhance productivity with job aids like interview templates and checklists. Gain visibility and track progress through real-time dashboards and advanced reporting, facilitating seamless communication between teams.

FOIA & Public Records Response

With MDRM’s integrated data risk management platform, effortlessly track data location and access, ensuring confident navigation and meeting deadlines. Utilize comprehensive filters and AI-powered features like Contextual Insights for precise searches. Benefit from optional global labeling and redaction capabilities, ensuring efficient review. Expedite response times and ensure consistency with optional production and load file templates, customizable to request formats.

Why Maximum Data Risk Management

MDRM offers a robust safeguarding system ensuring the utmost security for your valuable data, supported by meticulously audited and verified industry-leading protocols for data security, privacy, and access control.

Furthermore, MDRM provides unmatched integration capabilities, allowing you to manage your data directly from its source through an extensive array of integrations with enterprise-level data repositories.

Additionally, leverage the power of cutting-edge AI-driven functionalities within MDRM, enabling you to gain deep insights into your data at an accelerated pace. These advanced capabilities include state-of-the-art search algorithms, intelligent categorization, seamless translation, and predictive analytics, empowering you to make well-informed decisions rapidly and efficiently.

Moreover, MDRM offers a cohesive and unified platform that seamlessly integrates various data risk management workflows into a single software suite. Whether you’re dealing with e-discovery, privacy compliance, data governance, digital forensics, or cybersecurity, MDRM provides a comprehensive solution to address all aspects of data risk management effectively and efficiently.

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