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Smart Metering

Maximum Group excels in providing smart water and electricity meters. Our innovative solutions enable precise data collection, conservation, and efficient management for sustainable resource usage and cost savings.




Maximum Group is a leading force in South Africa’s Smart Technology sector, committed to delivering groundbreaking solutions for the electricity and water industries. Our expertise lies in developing advanced systems and tailored metering technologies for major utilities, municipalities, private enterprises, and individual consumers. Our transformative solutions empower customers to create a more intelligent and sustainable future.

We believe that the convergence of technology and sustainability is the path forward. Maximum Group’s innovative technologies encompass real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and data analytics, revolutionizing resource management. By adopting our smart solutions, clients enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and proactively address sustainability challenges.

Our mission extends beyond innovation; it’s about giving customers the tools to take control of their resource consumption and make informed decisions. Maximum Group is not just an investment in cutting-edge solutions but also a commitment to a future where technology and sustainability harmoniously coexist, benefiting South Africa and the global community. Together, we’re shaping a smarter, more sustainable future.

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