Digital Platforms

Maximum Group is at the forefront of the digital revolution, leveraging blockchain technology to transform industries across communication, academia, digital supply chain, agritech, and fintech. Our commitment to innovation and efficiency drives the development of cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions.


MaxiEvents provides a versatile Virtual Event Platform for seamless event creation, management, and engagement. Elevate your brand with successful, multi-platform events that foster interaction among attendees, speakers, sponsors, and companies.


MaxiP2P: Your hassle-free communication platform. Initiate video calls effortlessly with a single click—no downloads, plug-ins, or logins needed. Seamlessly connect, chat, and screen-share peer-to-peer for hassle-free communication.


You-Science: Empowering young scholars with educational tools and guidance. Offering a comprehensive word-editing tool and resources to support students in crafting assignments, essays, proposals, and dissertations with confidence and precision.


Farm2Fork: Bridging the gap between underserved growers and communities in need. We leverage technology to connect buyers with nearby, suitable options, empowering growers and maximizing food production efficiency through our smart marketplace platform.

Agri Crowdfunding

Agri Crowdfunding: Your gateway to agriculture investment. Our platform empowers you to raise funds for your agricultural ventures or partake in investment opportunities. We enable smaller investors to engage in lucrative Agri projects with more accessible investment amounts.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding opens doors for all investors to access lucrative real estate opportunities previously limited to high-net-worth individuals. Now, smaller investors can own shares in these ventures with more accessible investment amounts.


MaxiChat: Pioneering seamless decentralized messaging and trading. Our innovative technology, fortified with peer-to-peer protocol and end-to-end encryption, ensures your messages and data remain private. MaxiChat offers a rich suite of blockchain-based features, including Messaging, Calling, Secure Wallets, Web 3 browsing, and more.


MaxiChain: Transforming supply chain transparency with blockchain. Our innovative technology enhances diverse sectors, documenting entire product lifecycles on a shared ledger for total transparency. Companies can also share track and trace data with customers, ensuring product authenticity and ethical supply chain practices.


SrbijaLink is more than just a networking service; it’s a dynamic platform designed to empower and connect Serbian professionals throughout South Africa. As the world’s first Professional Network of its kind, we have a singular mission – to bridge the gaps and foster a strong, vibrant community of Serbian individuals in this diverse and culturally rich country.


MYLED is a catalyst for Local Economic Development and Empowerment, facilitating seamless communication and opportunity sharing among Developers, Contractors, and Local SMMEs. Bridging gaps and fostering collaboration, MYLED empowers communities for sustainable growth in the ever-evolving landscape of economic development.


MyTender, the premier platform for South African businesses, seamlessly connects users to a comprehensive array of available tenders. Empowering entrepreneurs and enterprises, MyTender ensures swift access to opportunities, fostering growth and success in the dynamic landscape of government and private-sector contracts across South Africa.


Experience revolutionary content creation with iCreateAi—an advanced AI copywriting tool. Redefining efficiency, it streamlines the content creation process, setting new industry standards. Elevate your productivity and innovation as iCreateAi pioneers the future of automated content generation, making every word count in the era of AI-driven automation.

Maximum Africa L.E.O

Maximum Africa L.E.O is a pioneering force in African entrepreneurship, fostering innovation and luxury to unlock lucrative opportunities. Committed to excellence, it ignites growth and prosperity by connecting visionary founders with discerning investors, rewriting the narrative of African business with bold ventures at the forefront of progress.


MaxiVault pioneers next-gen security for digital assets. Empowering users with complete control and customizable terms, it ensures unparalleled peace of mind. Trust in MaxiVault’s fortified platform to safeguard your investments for the future, providing owner-controlled access and flexible storage options. MaxiVault: your ultimate security solution in the digital age.


MaxiAi transforms AI interaction. MaxiAi’s commitment to cutting-edge technology enables real-time transcription, image analysis, and chatbot integration, optimizing workflows and decisions. Personalized insights and unparalleled accuracy empower individuals and businesses to embrace AI’s full potential, fostering a brighter future with MaxiAi at the forefront of innovation.


MaxiCyber, a part of Maximum Group, employs patented technology of incremental AI self-learning capabilities to secure critical services for government, security agencies, financial, IT, and industrial sectors. Our platform neutralizes even new and unknown threats, including Zero-Day attacks.

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